We Want YOU for a Creative Commoners Writing Challenge!

Everything has a story. Yes, even your hair dryer.

Have you ever looked at your favorite faded shirt or your beat-up cell phone or shiny car fresh from the car wash and wondered what it would say to you if given the chance? What about your kid’s stuffed doll with that creepy button-eyed stare? We bet all these things have stories to tell, and we want you to be their voice.

We at Creative Commoners believe that personification of an otherwise inanimate object is a great way to stimulate creativity. You can strike any emotion, from humor to horror to heartfelt tragedy to scatological nonsense. Or all of the above. It’s your object. It’s your playground. Really give it your all. Do your blender (or recliner or favorite socket wrench) proud.

But there’s another point to all this. The best entries will be featured on a future Creative Commoners episode, where you will live in audible infamy! Those goofballs at NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction are nothing compared to us.

A couple key points:

We would like the piece to be in letter format. Imagine your chosen object is writing directly to you.

Entries should be in the body of an email or a Word document. Brevity is key. No more than a couple double-spaced pages. That’s anywhere from 300-500 words.

Deadline for entries is August 8th. Email them to¬†creativecommoners@gmail.com. We can’t wait to read them!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By submitting a piece, you are consenting to allow Creative Commoners to read your work on the air and/or post it on our website, where it will be archived indefinitely. Because Creative Commoners is not considered a publisher, the author retains all rights and ownership of his/her work.