Show Notes: Uncommon Storytelling

notes-6&7We spoke about a lot of things this week, topics ranging from web comics to the Sexy Doctor Fluffernutter. The following is a short chronicle of pictures and reference links if you wanted to learn more about some of the subjects we covered in Episode 6 and Episode 7.

We spoke at length about word games. Below are some drawings from some of Chris’s sessions on a more artistic version of the Telephone Game:

This is a video of Corey playing Dungeons & Dragons with Wil Wheaton, thereby cementing his status as Uber Nerd for Life. Allison hates him for this, btw.

But it’s mostly because she suffers from unrequited nerd crushes, which happen to include Wil Wheaton. And Nikola Tesla. And Gordon Freeman from Half Life 2. Shut up.

Finally, a short list of items/games/wiki links to a few of the other things we mentioned so you can peruse them for yourself:

That about wraps it up for now. Of course, there is far more mentioned on the show itself, so be sure to tune in! Thanks again for reading/listening, and we’ll see you next week!