Writing Challenge I – Frank Granger

Dear CreativeCommoners.

Here is a little background just because I feel it may be necessary. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which is one of the rougher martial arts on the Gi (our uniform). I have quite a few Gi’s, different colors, brands, etc. Anyways, so you guys can better grasp what I do, I also included a picture of my Pin-up Gi (Designed by my first BJJ instructor).

Hope you like my submission,


About Frank
Here’s the scoop. My name is Frank. I’m from the boring old Midwest, going to college at Indiana University. There’s not a lot to do around here, until you hit 21 so I’ve been busy browsing the Internet. It was through browsing on Reddit that I found this contest, and thought it would be a pretty fun thing to do. It might be obvious that I have a great passion for Jiu Jitsu, through my submission (hell, every time I write this word it makes me think of an armbar or triangle choke). Anyways, I’ve always enjoyed wrestling around, but never had the body type to compete as a wrestler, so after taking some classes at IU, I got hooked. Apart from that jazz, I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science and Italian. And before you ask, I’m not sure how they mix together either, but I have a couple years still to figure it out. Thanks for reading, and I’m hoping for the best.


When you would get hot and sweaty, I would steam about you. Your bare back and pulsing biceps just made me want to cling on to your naked body. It seemed like we were the perfect fit, but that didn’t seem to suit your lifestyle. I knew you were a playboy from the beginning, and I was just your weekly call girl.

I found out about your Tuesday evenings, and can hardly believe what I had heard. Friday night after our “get together”, I ran into your friend Coby at the laundry. Hanging out for a while, he told me some interesting things about you and a special someone. You thought Coby had your back? Well, he thought the same until his twin sister Blu came home a frayed mess. The poor girl had endured a long night; some excitement no doubt, but all that disappeared when a friend of yours became too rough. He nearly ripped off one of her arms. She was left with a medium-sized gash on her shoulder that required ten to twenty stitches. What worries me though is the fact that you were too preoccupied to even patch her up.

After some time spent aerating, certain issues came to mind. I’m not sure if I can be in a relationship where I’m not on the top of the pile. Also, the way you left Blu hanging out to dry puts into question some other issues. I need a mature guy in my life right now, not someone that folds under high pressure situations.

So, here is where we stand Frank. I know about the White brothers, Sunny, Coby, and Blu. Is it just the six of us, or are there more that you’ve been hiding? Locked away in your closet, I can only assume. We’ve only been together for a couple of weeks now, but with this stain, I’m not sure if our relationship can survive another cycle. Maybe after some time, we can bleach this out, but I think at this point, only time can sew this relationship back together.

Hope you come around,