Writing Challenge I – Andrew Doherty

My name is Andrew Doherty, I’m 29 years old and I’m originally from Arizona and have had a life long love of writing and reading.  I recently moved to Northern Virginia and I hope in the near future to have a novel published as well as other writings.  I have a local website that I produce with a good friend of mine in AZ called whyknowme.com, it’s a local medium for artists, writers and entertainers of all genres.  Please feel free to browse the site and send us your information if you are interested in being a part of the site, it is free and is now expanding beyond Arizona.  Thank you.

Dear Writer,

This is simply an outburst of hatred toward you, the machine, and the progression of mankind. You have neglected me over the years, more and more, with the increased use of that machine that you constantly roll your fingers over and over on a daily basis. In the days prior to the machine, I was used indiscriminately and vigorously on a sheet, with my blood spilled, you would express your emotions with me, your thoughts, ideas and create beautiful memories and designs that only I can express through you. My history is extensive throughout time, though I have run out on you from time to time, I never fail to amaze, declare independence and bring style to your craft.

Never forget how as a child I brought you joy, though you didn’t know how to use me or what you released as you chewed and threw me around, but I knew that one day, you would be great I supported you all through your middle years, easing stress and discomfort, and now that you’re an adult, I share the same neglect that your parent shares, left away somewhere to watch you from a distance become the man I always thought you’d be.

I know you still need me, keeping me in your pocket from time to time, validating legal documents, for my legal thread holds strong in any court. I still keep the faith that you will look back from the machine and its allies and bring me back into battle. I have never failed you before, and my technology simple, not needing wires and batteries and specific locations for use; I am strong and will always be available. Keep me in mind next time the machine shuts off, runs out of energy, or fails to compute. For I am relentless, my heart and mind stable, I will push on through any weather and destroy the enemy, but only in your hand do I have the power; in your hand I fulfill my destiny.

Mightier than the sword,
Your Pen