Writing Challenge I – Michael Parrish

Dear Creative Commoners,

Here is my submission for the writing challenge.  Wasn’t sure if you wanted me to make it obvious what the object was, but I assume that at least Allison will get the reference.  Thanks for the prompt and chance to get creative!


About Michael
Michael grew up in Missoula, Montana and relocated to Illinois for grad school a few years ago.  She works with Chris and was recently inspired by Creative Commoners to start a blog about her experiences as a new parent.  Onlieshavinonlies.tumblr.com chronicles the lives of Michael, her partner Patrick, and their seven month old only, The Bean.

Dear Michael,

Something is changing between us. I’m not sure when we started spending less time together, but don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’ve stopped taking me home at night. Sure, every once in a while we still walk home from work together, spending a bit of the evening quietly taking care of business, if you know what I mean. I guess it’s true that we still spend a decent amount of time together, but it’s rarely outside of work. Do you still need me? I knew this couldn’t last forever when we started, but how long will it go on? Will we just let things peter out? I don’t want this to end.

The first time we got together it was January and things were wild and changing every day. We stole a few minutes here and a few minutes there anytime we could. Remember that first time? You said it was the strangest thing that had every happened to you. In our heyday we were meeting up four, five, six times a day.

Now it’s like you don’t even notice how special our time together is; the greater purpose our relationship can serve. We have to schedule our time together. I sense your frustration with me and there are days when I think

you’re avoiding me. You’re late for our dates, sometimes you don’t show up at all. I’m hopeful, though. You always come back. I know you rely on me and I think we can keep this thing going. Like I said, I know this isn’t a forever thing, but how about we give it a few more months, maybe a year?

I don’t want to pressure you, but I think you need me more than you realize. So much good comes from our relationship. You couldn’t keep your other relationship going without me, at least not in the way you want.

So, this is all to say, it’s okay. We can gradually let go, spend a little less times together. Maybe I can still come home on weekends sometimes? Go on trips together? Eventually we’ll have a last time, too. Just not yet, not too soon, okay?