Writing Challenge I – Hollie Heintz

I have repressed creativity. I had it when I was a kid–even won a Young Author’s Contest! Fast forward 20 years, a mortgage, and three kids later–and the creativity cannot be silenced any longer!

Thanks Creative Commoners for giving my creative self a reason to reemerge!


I am your noose. Not a bristling rope looped and knotted, but your sparkling-in-platinum, one inch-in-diameter noose. Not thrown hastily around a beam but placed gently on your finger. Not created to give you escape from misery, but to join you to another for life.

Weighing only ounces, I am a ten ton brick dragging you into the deep. As days turn into years, you begin to suffocate. I am a cinching, constricting reminder of your never-ending commitment.

From the time you rise in the morning until you rest your head next to hers at night, I am with you. You see me. You feel me. You twirl me and tap me. You know I’m here. Your white-hot love quickly flamed out even before I came to be part of you. She thinks you find me to be a symbol of your love for her. But she doesn’t know you like I do.

I may be hidden in your pocket as you sit down at a bar but, you can’t deny that I am gleaming brighter in your darkening mind and I live larger in your withering heart than I do on your finger. She thinks you simply forget to slip me on after a shower from time to time. But, she doesn’t know you like I do.

Right now, she thinks you are staring into her eyes with adoration. Right now, she thinks your firm grip around her neck is a simple gesture of a man’s desire for his wife. Right now, she thinks your body pressing hers to the bed is your aching need for her. Right now she thinks you will release your clinching grasp and allow her to breathe. But she doesn’t know you like I do.