Writing Challenge I – Chris Armstrong

About Chris:
Chris Armstrong. Not much is known about the man. Some believe he is merely a myth. Deep in the jungles of the Amazon he is known only as the “Arm Strong”. He briefly¬†emerged to send in this submission, only to descend back into the murky depths of the criminal underground. If you cross paths with the “Arm Strong”, take care, for danger follows in his wake.

Dear Chris,

I know it wasn’t love at first sight, but I feel that we stuck together well over the years. Youcould say that our first encounter reached a boiling point, but that experience brought up closertogether than I could have imagined. After that moment, we had a good fit – I was made for you,and you for me – and it lasted longer than I could have dreamed.
But dreams do have a way of ending abruptly. That’s right, I know about the others you’ve beenwith. You thought they’d give you something that I could not. Or maybe you felt I was nowdamaged goods and couldn’t fulfill the role you wanted me to play each night. I admit, I havehurt you from time to time. I didn’t mean to, it’s just the way I’m built. But I realize it’s becauseof this that you slept alone some nights, left me in the other room to myself, kept me wonderingif the name of another was perched on your lips. And now I know that you were indeed planningto cast me aside, like a cheap piece of plastic, to make room for another.

But those affairs never lasted, did they? No, because you always ended up coming back to me.Your reliable stand-by. And I played out that role as dutifully as I could. No, I wasn’t perfect, butthen who is? What I was is the one who stuck with you over the years, who kept you calm whenyou were stressed, who kept you from harming yourself when you were vulnerable. But you onlyseem to remember the few times I messed up. Those thoughts occupied your mind constantly.What more could I have done for you?

So here we are. The affairs seem to be over, but I still fear my days are numbered. Despite whatyou decide to do, I choose to remember the good times we made. How you used to look at me,the first time we became bonded, when you picked me up with a sense of gratitude, rather thanroutine, and when you held me close, marveling at how well we fit together, that we were anextension of each other, and that every night, you slept soundly because you had me.

To my one and only partner,
Your Mouth Guard