Suzi M

Suzi M

BIO: Suzi M writes for fun and occasionally profit. The Immortal War Series – comprised of NEMESIS, LAMIA, and THE TOWER – can be found in both print and Kindle formats.

In 2010, ten of Suzi’s short stories were published in the international Cover Stories Euphictional Anthology.

Currently, Suzi is working on a several new projects and released The Lazarus Stone (Conspiracy Edit) under the pseudonym Xircon.

When not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs of people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers.

You can follow her on Twitter @xirconnia or join the Suzi M Facebook fan page at this link.

Amazon Author page: Suzi M

The teacher turned to her class and smiled.

“And that is how you make a nail bomb from common chemical components, a pack of nails, and a pipe from the local hardware store,” she paused as she took a deep cleansing breath, the continued, “Any questions?”

She looked out over the gathered students’ pale faces. All eyes were wide with fear and riveted on her. A slight movement from the back of the group drew her attention and her smile faltered when she recognized the idiot kid that had finally driven her to this point. Her hand twitched on the Zippo.

“Yes, Randy?”


Her smile returned as her problem students flinched back reflexively from the small blue flame hovering mere inches from the shortened fuse that extended like a tail from one end of the pipe. She raised her eyebrows in question and Randy’s eyes darted nervously from her eyes to the flame, back to her eyes.

“W-when is our homework due?”