C L Bishop

C L Bishop

BIO: Corey was once a mild mannered young man. One day his life all changed, when on a school field trip, he was bitten by a radioactive nerd. He gained extraordinary nerdy powers to become: Super Nerd. Now, he talks endlessly about Dungeons & Dragons, comic books, obscure video games, and Doctor Who.

You can read his short story The Creeping Invaders in the pulp collection Tales of High Adventure 2 available on Amazon.

The teacher turned to her class and smiled. She hoped her smile masked the terror welling up inside her.

It was Molly Carter’s first day teaching the class. She had been nervous before coming in. The announcement that just came over the PA made matters worse. She fought back panic. The class stared at her in silence waiting to see what she would do next.

“Alight,” said Molly, perhaps a little too loudly. “Let’s do our best to carry on.”

Molly paused for a moment. The class sat and stared. She turned to the board and started to write. “We’ll pick up where we left off. To solve for x you simply . . .”

“This is bullshit,” said one of the students under his breath.

Molly hesitated for a moment, then continued. “You simply subtract three to the left side of the equation and add three to the right.”

“This is utter bullshit,” said the student louder than before. “How can we be learnin’ about x’s and equations and shit at a time like this?”

“Come on, Carlos,” said another student. “Let the lady teach, man.”

Several of the other students grumbled in agreement. Molly turned back to the class and held her breath.

“What do you know, Jerry?” said Carlos. “I at least gotta see what’s going on.”

Carlos stood up and tried to look out the window. There was a small window high up on the wall. He stood on his tiptoes to look out.

“Aw man. I can’t see nuthin’,” he said. Carlos flopped back into his seat with his arms across his chest.

Molly took a deep breath. “Again, let’s try to carry on. I know this is a tough situation, but we just have to wait it out.”

Carlos stared at the wall and shook his head. The rest of the class shifted in their seats.

One of the students at the back of the class leaned forward in his seat. Molly remembered his name as Vinny. A grin spread across his face. Vinny pursed his lips into a kiss and gave her a wink. Molly felt sick to her stomach. He spread his knees wide, laced his fingers at the back of his head, and leaned back in his seat. A crude snake tattoo covered nearly the entire length of his inner forearm.
Molly felt tears start to well up. She had to keep herself together. She fought back the tears. Someone would come soon. They would not just leave her here. Would they?

“You know what,” said Molly. “Forget the lesson for today. You can just . . .”

A muffled bang went off outside the classroom. Molly jumped and let out a yelp. The entire class looked at each other. Carlos got back up out of his seat and tried to peer out the window.

“I still can’t see nuthin’,” said Carlos.

“What should we do?” said Jerry.

“I know what I’d like to do,” said Vinny. He nodded at Molly and gave her another wink.

Molly looked away from Vinny. She would not let him get under skin. Everyone in the class started chattering. Carlos paced back and forth, occasionally looking out the small window.

“Everyone. Ev . . . Everyone,” said Molly. No one was paying attention. “We should sit tight and wait until someone comes to get us.” Her voiced trailed off.

The PA system emitted several electric pops. Molly looked up at the speaker. A gruff voice came over the system. “This warning will not be repeated again. All prisoners are ordered to return to their cells. Any resistance will be met with deadly force. Repeat. If you resist, the guards are authorized to use deadly force. Unrest will not be tolerated in this prison.”

Molly turned to her class and this time did not try to fake a smile. She was scared out of her mind. The class stared back at her. The students shifted in their seats. All of them were clad in identical orange jumpsuits. The only sound that could be heard was the creaking of plastic seats. Carlos peaked out the window again. Vinny licked his lips.

Molly heard another bang outside the room. This time it was the door in the hallway outside of the classroom. Footsteps approached. The doorknob turned on the classroom door.

Molly closed her eyes and prayed that it was a guard about to walk through that door.