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Creative Commoners is an exploration for everyday people trying to maintain creative pursuits amid the demands of home, work, and family.

Chris Armstrong is a master wordsmith with many creative hobbies. Corey Bishop is a budding game developer, tabletop gamer, and short story author. Allison M. Dickson is a speculative fiction author with several published stories and many more on the way.

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The Podcast

Each week, we explore a particular topic about the creative process, with each host bringing their own flavor and experience to the mix, and plenty of witty and tangential banter to keep things fun. Guest hosts expand our circle of discussion and keep things even livelier… so take a seat before you have a case of the vapors!

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More About Your Hosts

Allison M. Dickson lives in Dayton, Ohio and has been writing since she could hold pencil to paper. It’s only in recent years that she started treating the craft as a career. After earning a few small publishing credits, she started selling her short stories online, where she gained a decent following with such as “Dust” and “Vermin.” She soon caught the attention of author and visionary Vincent Hobbes, and her relationship with Hobbes End Publishing solidified with her two contributions to the second volume of THE ENDLANDS, a horror anthology, and finally with their acceptance of her visceral thriller novel, STRINGS, an expansion of her hit short story “The Good Girls” that debuted in October 2013. Additionally, Hobbes End will be releasing her dystopian science-fiction epic, THE LAST SUPPER, in spring of 2014.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found conducting sinister confections in her kitchen, goofing off with her family, and making many EXPLOSIONS happen on the craggy landscape of Pandora with her Borderlands 2 partner in crime, Chris Armstrong.


Corey Bishop is a fledgling writer. He is fairly early in his writing career with a few Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories under his belt. His first published short story appears in the pulp magazine Tales of High Adventure. Recently, he has started to learn how to develop video games for mobile devices and the web (like he doesn’t already have enough to do).

Corey lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and two girls. He is a software engineer by day and a vigilante crime-fighter by night. He enjoys tabletop gaming and writes about them as well as game development on his blog.

Creative Commoners cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of this bio.


Chris Armstrong is often found being dragged around by his creative whims. He’s dabbled in writing, painting, music, blogging, video editing, drawing, impersonations, graphic design, and esoteric interpretive ice skating (nope, that’s not true).

His current works in “progress” include a pulp adventure story called “Avatar Jones and the Purloined Perfumes,” a screenplay for a gun-lust romp called “Period Piece,” and an autobiographical project entitled “A Bald Kid Named Army.” He also likes capturing interesting words and turns of phrase, talking to himself in the shower, and laughing recklessly.

Chris recently moved from the Midwest to resettle in Seattle. It probably has nothing to do with legal problems. His favorite video game of all time is Earthbound, and for the last time, you can’t borrow it, okay!?