Two-Sentence Horror Stories

creepyDear poor soul,

You have stumbled upon a collection of stories so spine-tingling, so frightening, so short, you might not escape with your mind intact. This mind shattering compilation of diminutive horror stories was conjured up by the Creative Commoners for another one of their nefarious Halloween creative challenges. This time the pernicious podcasters took inspiration from Reddit and challenged the listeners craft the most frightening horror stories possible in just two short sentences.

Creative commoners the world over answered the call. In fact, fifty-four people answered the call. The most successful Creative Commoners creative challenge ever! Perhaps people were inspired by the concept. Perhaps the Halloween season put people in the mood to create horror. Perhaps it was the potential to win a deck of Story Forge Cards or a copy of Allison’s new book Strings. Whatever the reason, the result was this chilling collection of Two-Sentence Horror Stories!

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 1
Authors: Lime, D Bonner, Alaina Stanford, Mark Overby, Greg Holbus

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 2
Authors: Ruth Littmann Ashkenazi, Doyle Hartman, Brad Finn, DarkCable, Luke Holloman, Craig Kitchen

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 3
Authors: Cynthia Morrison, Virginian John, A.L. Thomas, Jordin McGrath, Luther Mckinnon, Will Brown

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 4
Authors: Timmy Ray, Nick Harpster, Rik Neslo, Amanda Powell, azblueeyes2, James Hoch

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 5
Authors: Paolo Cogliati, Jerry Holt, Wes Westwood, Jordan Hart, packer225, Ian Thomas Healy

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 6
Authors: Andrew Gillies, Kate J. Jenkins, Esq., Dave Pack, Kurt J. Bowker

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 7
Authors: Gary Buettner, Rie Sheridan Rose, Dawn Williams, Elliott Kenney, Jim Reader, Mark El-Ayat, Aiden Wallace

Two-Sentence Horror Stories Group 8
Authors: Jason Keeler, Scott Weaver, Ben W, Hollie Heintz, Whit Heintz