The Whit Heintz Collection

Welcome to the collection of creative expressions by the singular artist known as Whit Heintz.

During a broadcast of the electric audio program Creative Commoners, Whit Heintz submitted a delightful yarn to the program’s first ever writing challenge. During the broadcast, Chris Armstrong, one of the hosts of the program and honorary Amazonian tribal chief, mentioned that Whit Heintz excelled as an artist. Corey Bishop, another one of the hosts and part-time masked crime-fighter, requested that Whit submit his art to the show so that it may shared be with the world.

Whit Heintz responded and thus the Whit Heintz Collection was born. We do hope you enjoy this art collection.

Warmest and most sincere regards,
Creative Commoners

All creative works are posted with the permission of the Whit Heintz. All rights and ownership to the creative works are retained by Whit Heintz.